66 In 14 Tour Day 1 – Off To Sin City

Well, departure day finally departed.  Bags were packed and I was ready to go.  Off to the airport I went, breezed through check in and security only to find out the flight was delayed.  There was some concern since the final flight from Friday and the first flight from today was cancelled.  So Westjet had to figure out to get three loads of passengers to Vancouver!  Somehow they did.

On the way to Vancouver
Above the clouds. Enjoying the snow capped mountains.

Once in the air, it was a quick and smooth flight to Vancouver where you get to go from one end of the airport to the other to clear US customs.  On a side note, I’m always impressed how friendly the US security people are.  They’re always welcoming when I visit.  Canada security, on the other hand, try to make you feel guilty for leaving the country!

Vancouver Airport
A Salmon Roll and Double Double!

Past US security, I saw what has to be the most interesting combination of restaurants.  A Japanese restaurant and a Tim Hortons!  I’ll leave it to you to come up with possible menu selections.

Finally it was on to Vegas.  This flight, as opposed to the flight from PG, was about 60% full.  I had the whole row to myself.  My entertainment on the flight down was the Pixar Classic “Cars”.  Since most of the movie was based on Route 66, I thought I would see what landmarks they used in the film.  Most of them, I hope to visit.

Sunset at 40,000 feet.

On the ground, it was off to the car rental center to pick up my vehicle and home for the next two weeks.  I rented with Alamo.  I’ve used them before and really like how they let you pick your car.  I also took advantage of their on-line check in to bypass the counter.  What a good move.  The line up at the Alamo counter was past the entry to the kiosk!  Because of my early check in, I was able  to proceed directly to the car lot and grab my wheels.  From previous trips, I was hoping to get a Chevrolet Cruze.  I’ve rented this model twice before and have gotten to appreciate the car.  Well, my luck was good!  Not only did they have a Cruze, it was a RS model with better brakes, tires and suspension then the standard model.  Perfect for a road trip.  Off to the hotel for a nights sleep and to get ready to “get my kicks”.

Come back for day 2!