Get Your Kicks……

So when I started this blog, the purpose was to show my photography and tell travel stories.  Well, as you can tell, I’ve done neither.  Oh, I’ve traveled and taken pictures, however this poor blog was left in the dust.

Well, time to wake it up!

As I write this, It’s Friday, October 31, 2014.  Halloween.  Tomorrow, I hop on a plane and fly back to the south west US from November 1 to 15.  The plan for this trip is “Route 66”.  I have guide books, maps and hopeful expectations for this trip.  I’m not sure what to expect, I know I won’t be covering the entire length of 66.  I’ve been on the California leg of the route and the idea of going to Chicago in November isn’t quite my thing.

I do have some landmarks in my sights that I hope to see.  Cadillac Ranch is one.  I’ve always wanted to check out this outdoor art piece.  I may even bring a can of spray paint to make my own mark.

So, I hope to take lots of pictures and may even shoot some video.  Most of all, I hope to chronicle the trip on this very blog.  I’ll be making use of various social media sites as well.  If you’re so inclined, the best way to stay in touch is to follow my tour account on twitter @icenryetour2k14.  This is where my instagram will link to and any geocaching finds I have.  My pictures will be posted to my SmugMug and Flickr accounts.

I’m looking forward to the trip.  It’s going to be fun!