Oregon Tour 2012 Days 7-9. Mid – South Coast

Day 6 was a travel day which ended up at my home for the next 4 nights the North Lake  Resort in Lakeside Oregon.  Simular to my summer agility home, Robert’s Roost  in Quesnel, North Lake has lakeside camping and a small marina catering to the fisherman.  Power and fast WiFi made it perfect.

A memorial bell in Trinidad CA.

Day 7 was California day.  In 2010, I made it to Crescent City, but didn’t have time to visit the redwoods south towards Eureka.  So with an early start, I was southbound.  Passing attractions I would place on my to-do list for the next day, I was in Cali in no time.  Redwood National Park, however would turn out to be a bit disappointing with a “no dogs” policy on the trails withen the park.  So it was a quick drive along the scenic highway.  A fuel and picture stop at Trinidad and it was northbound back to the camp.

I also took a side trip to drive the van through a tree!  At the narrowest portion, I couldn’t fit a finger between the tree and my driver’s side mirror.  It was tighter on the passenger’s side.

Day 8 was dedicated to the West Coast Game Park.  To say this is a classic tourist trap is an understatement.  The highlight were the animals that were allowed to roam freely among the people.  I lost track of the number of peacocks, deer, goats and even llamas that would follow anyone who had food.  Many times I had to fight the urge to return to the van and grab a clicker!

The Lion Doesn’t Sleep Tonight

Photography was challenging.  The animal cages were made of wire fencing and I had to shoot through the fencing.  Some cages had an area cut out to fit a lens through, however the holes would limit where you could aim the camera.  So, not many pictures were taken.

After the game park, it was off to a beach for the daily dip into the Pacific.  The weather today was very windy and the waves were larger than they had been earlier in the week.  A grabbed my Flip camera and shot some video.

Day 9 was a return to some of the places I visited in 2010.  First was Florence where I returned to grab another picture of the wooden statue in fromt of a seafood restaurant I ate at two years ago. The statue had since broke and part of Neptune’s fork was missing.  Opps!  I also visited two lighthouses and took a tour of Newport, checking out some places that caught my intrest earlier in the week.  After Newport it was a quick trip to Yachats then back to camp.

Just a reminder, the pictures above and video below are on my SmugMug set.