Southwest Tour 2011 – Day 8. I’m a TWiT!

Leo and I on TWiT

Today was day two of the drive from the desert to the ocean. Bakersfield to Petaluma was punched into the GPS and the route was set.
My GPS took me on an interesting route through some small towns which lead me to the Napa Valley area and avoiding the San Francisco – Oakland traffic nightmare.
Once getting into Petaluma, I checked into my motel then headed out to find the TWiT Brickhouse. It was easy to find and I also had a look at the old TWiT cottage. I finally made it to the mecca in internet webcasting.
Since I was in the neighbourhood, I figured I might as well see what’s there is to see. Well my timing was perfect. Leo was finishing up the days recording so I didn’t have long to wait to meet the man himself. Leo was great to talk to. He gave me a chance to sit at the desk and I even had a chance to do a Trackfiles intro on camera. This, plus enjoy the TWiT tradition of having a picture taken with Leo while wearing the TWiT fez.
So after TWiT, I was off to the city by the bay. It’s an easy drive to get to ‘Frisco from Petaluma. However once there, it’s a traffic nightmare! I wanted to go to the Twin Peaks viewpoint. The plan was simple. Come off the bridge, two right turns and up the hill!!
Well construction sent me off course as soon as I got off the bridge and I ended up in some of the city’s famous neighbourhoods. Eventually, I made it to the viewpoints and took some pictures. Then I got lost again leaving town, but it worked out for the better as it took me to a great viewpoint for the Golden Gate. One thing about driving in San Francisco, the hills are crazy!

The Accidental Golden Gate Shot

So, tomorrow is TWiT day and I’ll be spending a bit more time at the TWiT studio. Hopefully, I’ll be able to take some pictures of the inside and I’ll post them to my SmugMug site.
Stay tuned……..