Southwest Tour 2011 – Day 7. Walking the Streets of Bakersfield

Shot by the bus driver.

Today was a transit day. Grand Canyon to Bakersfield California. At a bit over 500 miles (800 Kilometers). the drive took me 8 hours, mostly on the freeway.
Nothing much to see along the way so the camera never came out of the bag. However, since I did get to my destination fairly early, I was able to catch up on uploading pictures.

Sunset at the Grand Canyon

So the sunset shots are now available on my SmugMug site. Please drop by and have a look.
Tomorrow brings the second part of the west coast commute taking me from here in Bakersfield to Petaluma where I’ll be visiting with Leo and the TWiT crew.
If anything happens tomorrow, I’ll post. Otherwise, I’ll catch up with you on Sunday.