Southwest Tour 2011 – Day 3. Afternoon on the Strip

Today was a fairly mellow day. It started with a call to Budget Rent-A-Car to let them know that the license on my rental would expire while I was on the road. Solution was easy. Come in and they would exchange the vehicle, or see if the plates had arrived. So, off to the car rental center I went. 30 minutes later, I had new plates on my car and was good to go.

Waiting for the Mac with a cookine.

The next issue was the non-booting Mac. I guessed the issue could easily be fixed and when I explained my problem to the tech, he thought the same. Well, we were wrong! Turns out Snow Leopard had to be re-installed. The whole process took about 90 minutes. While waiting, I visited a local cookie shop and enjoyed a cookie and a smoothie!

Giant bottle at the Coke Store

So once the problems were out of the way, it was time to resume the normally scheduled day. Today was tourist day and my plan was to cruise the strip. So, starting at the MGM, worked my way north up to the Bellagio where I caught the fountain show. What a busy place! All along the strip, it was elbow to elbow. People were everywhere! After the fountain show, I worked my way back to the MGM then back to the motel. Highlights of the tour included visiting the Coke and M&M’s store.  Also, I checked out the CSI show in the MGM where you get to solve a crime.  Turns out it was the Butler in the Dining room with the candle stick!  Overall, a great day.  Just a note.  Pictures are available on my SmugMug site.
Tomorrow, it’s off to the Grand Canyon where I’ll trade in the king size bed for my sleeping bag. The TV for a fire. Stay tuned to this blog to see how it goes.

Lion at entrance to MGM Grand.