Southwest Tour 2011 – Day 2. Houston, We Have a Problem….

What a day! I had a great time caching out in the desert. It was over 90F, however there was a breeze blowing which made it quite pleasant.
The first stop was at the start of the Extraterrestrial Highway to take some pictures. Then it was caching time!
ET Highway 1 was my first of the series and I found the first 5 before I moved on towards Rachel to visit the Little Alien restaurant. After caching out the town, I moved down to the Alien Head series.
This series I enjoyed. The caches were spaced about 170m apart along a soft dirt trail which made for comfortable walking.
Two hours later, I had completed the head and mouth. I wanted to complete the eyes, but it was late in the day. Time to head back to Vegas.
So, where are the pictures? Well, something happened to the MacBook and it won’t boot up! Fortunately, there’s a couple of Apple stores here so I’ll have one of their experts play with it tomorrow. Will it get fixed? Stay tuned to this blog!