Southwest Tour 2011 – Days 10-14. Fun on Fremont!

Well it’s been a fun week. What has happened since my last post?

Fitzgeralds – In downtown Vegas on Fremont Street

Monday and Tuesday were travel days where I went from Petaluma CA to Tonopah NV then from Tonopah back to Vegas. My hotel of choice was the Fitzgerald Hotel on Fremont street in downtown Vegas. I had been told many stories of the street parties and shows in the area so it was put on the itinerary.
What a good choice! The Fremont Experience is something every visitor to Vegas must experience. Within a three block area you can find three live music stages, numerous street performers, vendors and of course outdoor bars. Add to this, the historical casinos with their bright lights then top it off with a video screen that runs the length of the three blocks and you have a one stop party central location.
The entertainment for the evening consisted of three bands. The first was a band-dance act that performed “Halloween” themed music. The second act was a cover band that also performed halloween themed songs in their first set, then played more generic music in their second. The third act was my personal favorite. It was an Alice Cooper –

Alice Cooper – School’s Out
The real one is playing at Caesars!

Ozzy Osbourne tribute band. the first set was all Cooper with hits such as Eighteen, Poison and School’s Out. For Ozzy, we heard No More Tears, Bark at the Moon, Paranoid and to end the set, Crazy Train. Needless to say, when they queued up the train whistle, the crowd went crazy!
During the day, I returned to the strip to visit some attractions I was interested in. Two of which were a classic car museum where I saw more Rolls Royces then I had ever seen before. After that, it was a trip to the wax museum where I gat a chance to work on some portrait photography. Remember, you can see all my pictures on my SmugMug site.
Overall, it was a great way to end the trip. If I can make a recommendation to a future Vegas visitor it to see downtown at night. The strip has the big acts, but downtown has the soul.
This is my last night in Vegas and in some ways, I’m ready to return home. Then again, it may not be hot down here, but it’s still warmer then PG!……..
Thanks for following along with my travels on this tour. It’s been a blast!

Oh yeah! I visited some pawn shop.

Here’s a video with highlights from Fremont Street.  No Alice/Ozzy.  He, they, didn’t play this night.