The Icenrye Southwest Tour 2011

Introducing the Icenrye Southwest Tour 2011.  A two week whirlwind tour of Nevada, Arizona and California September 24 to October 8, 2011.

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about the trip.  I’ve never been to these areas and I’m looking forward to touring and caching there.  So far I have the following itinerary:

Las Vegas Welcome Sign

September 24 – Arrive in Vegas.  After clearing customs and picking up the rental car, I’ll make my way to the Las Vegas Welcome Sign.  Here I need the help of the internet.  There is a webcam at the sign.  Once I’m at the sign, I’ll post on my special Twitter page and Trackfiles Facebook page that I’m there.  If possible, could someone please go to the webcam page and capture a picture.  Then upload the picture to Twitpic or whatever photo sharing service you use and post the link.  Think of it as my first souvenir photo!

From there, I’m off to my motel to check in then off to an In-N-Out Burger for the “Icenrye and PGgeodude Meet and Greet” event.  So if you’re a Vegas area cacher, come on down!  PGgeodude and I would like to meet you.

ET Trail – Alien Head Caches

September 25-26 – Check out Vegas and the ET Power Trail geocaches.

September 27-29 – Visit the Grand Canyon and area.

September 30 – October 1 – Travel to Petaluma California.

October 2 – Take in TWiT at the Brickhouse.  I hope to have a chat with Leo.  Watch TWiT live to see if I make it on!

October 3-7 No set plans yet.  I hope to take in some Bay area attractions then work my way back to Vegas with a quick stop in Ely, Nevada.  What’s in Ely you ask?  Well, I’m a fan of the British show “Top Gear” and a couple of years ago, they stopped in at a local restaurant which is now a tourist attraction.  That, and they have good food according to every review I’ve read.

October 8 – Back home.

So of course being a web geek that I am, I intend to take tons of pictures and upload them to my Flickr and SmugMug site.  Also, I’ve set up a special Twitter page that all my  Geocaching logs, Foursquare checkins and maybe even Glympse will post to.  If you’re a Facebook friend, then like the Trackfiles page for updates there.  And finally, stay tuned to this very blog for, hopefully, daily updates.  All of this depends on my network access.  As a Telus customer, even tough I’ll have a “Data Roaming” package, I’ll still be charged $1.00/meg!  Ridiculous in my mind, but such is the nature of the beast! (carrier?)  If wifi is available, then all will be good.

So the flights are booked, hotels booked, campsites booked and the passport is here!  The Icenrye Southwest Tour 2011 is on!